Sick & Shut In Missions
Outreach Mission

Our Outreach Ministry is set up so that we may try to meet the needs of the ones that have fallen on hard times. Right now, we are not financially stable to help the community with any utilities such as lights, rent or water. If we are unable to meet them. We will reach out to others that may have the necessary resources to do so. Or pass their information on to you. Thank you for so for understanding.  Our Administration Department.

How You Can Help?
You Can Do This

As the pastor’s Aid Servant and Hospitality Department. You can share this information with others that are willing to donate or help in anyway that they can. Caring does not necessarily mean that you must be in the same place. We as the body of Christ the Saints of the most High are connected to him through the Word of God.

Or You Can Do This

Invite your youth to get involved in giving to those that are in need of help. Teach them that giving is a part of being a Christian. God was the first one that gave to the world when he gave his only begotten Son. And second giving came when his Son gave his life. The more we give in return the more the Lord will give back to us. So, let us start giving unto others today.